The Exposome

The underlying cause of all age related diseases is chronic inflammation. This is the result of a weakened and malfunctioning immune system due to the aging process.
Several scientific studies have definitively demonstrated that multiple factors in every day life have a profound effect on the immune system. The word that cumulatively describes these factors is EXPOSOME. TPE Plus uses TPE to boost the immune system. We also use scientifically proven lifestyle interventions (PLUS) to complement TPE and enhance, and possibly prolong, its effect. A strong immune system is the key to extending healthspan and thus lifespan. People rarely die of old age. Most people die of diseases.


In addition to Therapeutic Plasma Exchange (TPE) which has been shown to rejuvanate tissues, create a systemic enviroment for optimal growth of stem cells, reduce inflammation and regulate the immune system we provide programs that address other aspects of the EXPOSOME

Motion and Exercise

This site offers expert guidance and easy to perform excercises to fit anybody's needs.

Food is Medicine

Immune boosting foods, delicious recipes, videos and much more.

Sleep and Stress

Both lack of sleep and exessive stress have a profound negative effect on the immune system. Learn how control both with expertly designed programs.