The Team
The team of TPE Plus consists of highly competent and experienced medical professionals under the leadership of Dobri Kiprov, MD, HP, the first physician to be Board Certified in Hemapheresis 

The Patients

At TPE Plus the patients always come first. We personlized the treatment for every individual patient to secure the best possible outcome. Our methods are scientifically and clinically proven to either treat your medical condition or ameliorate the health challenges that accompany aging.

Other Services:

TPE Plus provides specialized apheresis services to patients, biopharma and medical companies and institutions. These services include:
 - Therapeutic Plasma Exchange
 - Cellular Immunotherapies:
   - Mononuclear Cell Collections for therapeutic and research purposes
      -  Stem Cells
      -  CAR-T therapies and research
      -  Cancer vaccines therapy and research
 - Consultation for the development of new apheresis technologies
 - Designing and organizing clinical trials related to apheresis

Apheresis Pro  

At ApheresisPro.com you will find more information and you can access Dr. Kiprov's most recent blogs and videos.